In the order of appearance, I came to adapt your flaws. Your fear became mine and your disapproving or disinterestedness became my lack of self-awareness. What I could have done in this world.

Your ignorance became my ignorance towards myself, towards others and the possibilities we all are granted, not only the rich, not just the pretty, not merely the blessed ones.

You unwanting to change became me unknowing how to, deserving transformation, it became my inability to get untangled, kick free, not till today, but maybe next year…?

You’ve been alone for a long time now, and you tell me that’s how you want it. Your flow is perfected, expiration expected, surrounding adapted, made to your needs, grown to serve you, comfortable, accommodative, obliging. You accept no invader. The closest ones never too close. You’ve been alone for such a while now.

I say, there are things that help healing and most wounds can be mended. The bills yet not written, you don’t know how to pay. The trusted aside, never cared to let them, midriff breathing may come, but who am I to speak.

(So easy to blame without an inspecting look at the own actions taken or not taken.)